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Oculus of the Lost (immediately left of Eddie) shown alongside other Deuce upgrades.
“Nothing can hide from the Oculus. Legends, Motor Forges, Buried Metal, Bound Serpents, Tab Slabs, Lightning Plug Bugs... all will be revealed.” — In-game description

The Oculus of the Lost is an upgrade for The Deuce which is added by the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC.


The Oculus of the Lost mounts atop the rear of The Deuce and helps the player find undiscovered collectibles including:

The Oculus appears as an eyeball flanked by wings. The eye looks in the direction of the nearest undiscovered collectible. When the eye is facing forwards, the player can judge direction by the position of the wings. When you're close to a collectible it starts glowing more yellow.

When there are no nearby items to be discovered, the Oculus points directly backwards and does not change position as the car changes direction.

Once the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC is installed and you have beaten the campaign, the Oculus becomes available under the Secondary Weapons section in the Motor Forge. Though it is not an actual weapon, other secondary weapons can not be used at the same time. There is no cost for the upgrade.


  • Oculus means "Eye" in Latin.
  • The Oculus is very accurate in finding collectibles, however, it will NOT point directly forward.
  • The Oculus and the post it is attached to is a possible reference to car antennas and the decorative balls/ornaments that most car owners use to decorate their vehicles.