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One of Ophelia's blades.
“I like my blades. They were a gift from my parents.” — Ophelia

Ophelia's Blades, as the name denotes, are Ophelia's signature weapons, which she dual-wields. She inherited them from her parents, who died during the Black Tear Rebellion.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Ophelia and Eddie clash blades.

Ophelia's blades are first seen in action during "Welcome to the Age of Metal", when she blocks Eddie's new-found axe. When a Druid appears, she stabs its hand to the giant wooden door in the Temple of Ormagöden. She leaves the blade there, and it is later discovered by Doviculus, who smells the blood of Succoria on it. The blade is seen again during "It's Raining Death", when Doviculus throws it to the ground.

Drowned Ophelia does not use them, as the real Ophelia is still lying in the bottom of the sea with both blades sheathed at the side of her jeans. Post-campaign, she can be seen with them.


  • Despite losing one of her blades in the Temple of Ormagöden, she can still be seen wearing two blades, one on each hip, throughout the single player game. It is unknown if this is merely for gameplay purposes or an oversight. Another possibility exists, albeit unlikely, that she has three blades in all.
  • The logo on her t-shirt (and later the Drowning Doom insignia) can be seen on the handle.