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Ophelia's Parents
Black Tear Rebels
Ophelia Parents
Gender Male and Female
Race Humans
Faction Black Tear Rebellion
Hair Color Black
Skin Tone White
“Because my parents fought in the Black Tear Rebellion. It was a long time ago, but now none of them will ever really trust me. No matter how much I do for our cause. Now I've told you. Now you won't trust me either.” — Ophelia

Ophelia's Parents were rebels who fought in the Black Tear Rebellion.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Sometime before succumbing to the Sea of Black Tears, the unnamed couple had a child, whom they named Ophelia. In the Black Tear Rebellion Legend, Ophelia's parents can be seen marching alongside Riggnarok. Ophelia dual-wields her mother's daggers and shirt, which she inherited.

Their involvement in the Rebellion proves to be a stigma with dire ramifications for Ophelia, whom Lita Halford does not trust as a result. The stigma surrounding her lineage eventually leads her to return to the Sea and dive into it's black waters. In doing so, she created the Drowning Doom. The Drowned Ophelia uses the logo on Ophelia's shirt (which her mother also wore) for her new faction.