Brutal Legend Wiki
Support vehicle
Hit Points 32
Double Team Manipulation (directly control an enemy unit)
Debuff Effects Decreases damage dealt by nearby enemies
Fan Cost 100
Load 4 (1 unit, 4 load each, 3 unit limit)
Special Traits Debuff effect stacks with multiple Organists
“I shall now play a song about the futility of war; The futility of their side, that is.” — The Organist

The Organist is a Drowning Doom support vehicle that reduces the attack power of enemy units.


“ Dirge machines driven by mysterious phantoms who refused to let go of life, they revel in spreading dread to all in earshot, sapping their will to fight.” — Tour Book

Organists are first seen during the final moments of the battle between the Drowning Doom and Ironheade during "Doom's Dawn". Thereafter, they appear during subsequent stage battles between the two factions. During the mission "Dry Ice, Wet Graves", an Organist plays the intro to "Mr. Crowley" whilst Drowned Ophelia shows Eddie Riggs and Lita Halford how she was transformed, leading into a flashback.

When the player is exploring the world, Organists can be found down in the Dry Ice Mines and near the tunnel to the Sea of Black Tears. They are usually accompanied by a Lightning Rod for protection.


Support vehicle. Pipe organ music intimidates foes, causing them to do less damage. Effect stacks with multiple Organists.

A church organ on wheels, its depressing music reduces the attack power of all enemy units near it, indicated by a unit's weapons (or other accessories) glowing transparent blue. The Drowning Doom can only deploy three Organists at once.

Double Team[]

Drivable vehicle. Drowned Ophelia takes control of the Organist and is able to use him to latch onto enemy units, controlling them manually like a puppet-master.

This has similar limitations to the Frightwig double team (Tainted Coil hierarchy units and avatars cannot be possessed), with the main difference being that the player directly controls the unit. The Organist himself is not harmed by the damage or destruction of the possessed unit, although his vehicle is vulnerable to attack during the double team.


  • Their Double Team is an easier and somewhat more efficient way of taking over key units than the Fright Wig however it requires you to be in control of them making you unable to perform solo's.
  • Veil of Deceit is great when combined with the Organist  as it makes it easier to get closer to use your double team.
  • Areas that the Organist affects will appear transparent blue.


  • The Organists are voiced by Rick D. Wasserman and Eric Artell. Due to programming errors, the alternative voice is never heard in the game.
  • Anna Kipnis said that Castlevania's Alucard inspired the concept art of this character [citation needed] .
  • The Organist is the ONLY vehicular unit of the Drowning Doom to feature their insignia.