Brutal Legend Wiki
Hierarchy ranged infantry
Overblesser Profile
Hit Points 32
Attack Damage 6dmg
Double Team Audience III (creates tier III units)
Support Effects Healing (for any units he has spawned)
Fan Cost 150
Load 2 (1 unit, 2 load each, 1 unit limit)
Special Traits Creates tier III units at its location
“May I kneel at your altar?” — Doviculus

The Overblesser is a Tainted Coil ranged infantry hierarchy unit.


“The Overblesser is the singular leader of the Coil's hierarchy class. He strides righteously across the battlefield and passes fiery judgement upon his foes from atop a ghastly four-legged altar.” — Tour Book

Eddie Riggs rides an Overblesser to descend the corpse pile in the Temple of Ormagöden during the mission "Welcome to the Age of Metal". After slaying the Battle Nun that was previously riding it, Eddie jumps on the altar and begins praying in order to move it. If the player stops moving, Eddie will instead mumble until it moves again. He is jerked off the ghastly altar after saying "by your good graces". The altar itself was not occupied by the bishop demon that typically accompanies it, and has a flatter top with a tome. Under the appearance of a moving, legged altar, the Overblesser is a warped gestalt organism: the central body is a lump of flesh with amouth composed only by an upper jaw full of irregular human teeth while its "legs" are actually four spherical demons, each one sporting a weezing gas mask on the face, two stubby arms and a single spindly arthropoid leg.


Ranged infantry, hierarchy unit. Slowly heals nearby minions and quickly regenerates his own health when surrounded by minions. The Overblesser behaves similarly to the Warfather, conjuring up and shooting unholy bolts of energy down at targets from his altar, albeit with twice as much power.

Double Team[]

Doviculus must hold an audience with the Overblesser to produce the Hate Cage, Heart Cutter, and Superior Warfather. Like all Hierarchy Units, The Overblesser is vulnerable to attack while birthing new units, as he cannot move or fight back until the process is complete.


  • While the Battle Nun and Warfather are based are nuns and priests respectively, the Overblesser himself is a bishop. He dons a mitre, a pontifical vestment and ceremonial headdress meant to be worn by bishops and abbots only. Additionally, the official concept art refers to him as a bishop.
  • The Overblesser is the single tallest, recruitable unit in the game.
  • The Overblesser is the tallest Tainted Coil unit.