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Slay the Urchins

Overslaughter is a series of hunting missions that The Hunter gives to the player. These missions always require beating the hunter's record by killing at least one more of an animal than he did.

After breaking the first record, the Call of the Wild solo is unlocked. After all the records are broken, he gives the player the Steel-Quilled Axe Treatment.



  • The player has some flexibility in how they can accomplish this mission as they can either use any of The Deuce's weapons, or can take them down on foot.
  • The Ground Urchins can be easily run over in the Deuce, and can be taken down in one hit.
  • The Sickle Wraiths always spawn at the Wraith Tree in The Haunted Forest, so if the player waits around there, they can accomplish this leg of the mission with relative ease.
  • The best way for the player to handle the Razorfire Boars is to use the same basic strategy that was used during the "To the Slaughter" mission.
  • Most of the medium-sized targets can be stunned by running them over in the Deuce, and then can be easily taken down with either the Deuce or on foot with Axe and Guitar attacks.
  • The Tollusk, Guillotar, and Hextadon will stop the Deuce cold in its tracks if the player attempts to run them down, so it is best to take them down on foot.
  • These missions can be accomplished alongside The Main Campaign, and any of the other Side Missions.
  • While the first 4 Overslaughter Missions can all be completed as early as Story Mission VIII, attempting the other five will not even be possible until completing Story Mission XVII.
  • If The Player is having trouble locating the desired creature, one resolution is to enter the Motor Forge closest to where said creature can usually be found, then exit again. If successful, the game will reset the conditions in the area, making most common wildlife spawn more frequently. This does have the unfortunate drawback of making other species spawn less frequently in overlapping areas. For example, resetting the spawn frequency of Laser Panthers will make Sickle Wraiths and Reaper Steeds spawn less frequently in The Infinite Mire and The Haunted Forest. But this can easily remedied by simply entering and exiting a different Motor Forge.