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Pilgrimage of Screams
Pilgrimage of Screams
Location Screaming Wall
Given By Ophelia
Previous Fists Shall Fall
Next March to Impalement
Rewards 30 Fire Tributes
“Watch out for rock slides, and seagulls.” — Ophelia

"Pilgrimage of Screams" is the tenth story mission in Brütal Legend.


In order to bypass General Lionwhyte's defenses at The Cleave of the Impaler, Eddie Riggs must first travel to the Screaming Wall to procure amps for the Roadies. Along with the newly recruited Bouncers, Ironheade moves alongside the mountain range, killing any Hair Metal Militia units along the way.


Raid the Screaming Wall

This mission is a fairly linear affair, requiring only that the player fight the length of a small strip of land and back again. The player will have a group of Headbangers, two Bouncers, and a Thunderhog to assist in the fighting.

Along the way, the player will encounter large waves of Hairbangers and Groupies. Players should make use of double team attacks with the Bouncers and Thunderhog to damage large groups of enemies at once. Also of note is the cliff wall to the left. The large drop can be used to the player's advantage, if they utilise attacks that knock enemies back such as Rock Kick, Grand Slam or Earthshaker.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Halfway down, Lionwhyte will fly down and try to goad the Bouncers into rejoining him. They refuse, and the lava hardens, allowing the player to continue. This will also be the first time Glitter Fists are fought. After that wave is defeated, the player has to walk a short distance before a cutscene will play.

Eddie Riggs instructs the two Bouncers to put their fists together, allowing him to climb the rock face and acquire the amps needed. With a wink, he tells Ophelia that he will be right back. Shortly after, sparks fly and a large feedback blasts back. Ophelia yells, concerned for his safety. She is relieved to see Eddie emerge unharmed with the amps.

After the cutscene is finished, the player will be able to double team with the Roadies. On the return trip, the player will face a large wave of Glitter Fists, which can be defeated more easily with the Roadie's feedback and the Facemelter guitar solo. Soon after, the Roadies will be inundated by feedback from a flock of Seagulls. These enemies can only be dispersed with their double team attack.

Once the group reaches the top, they rendezvous with a group of Razor Girls and the Tour Bus. Eddie flirts with Ophelia, and eventually the two kiss as the Screaming Wall blasts.


  • If the roadies die, the mission may not fail. Instead, the cutscene may not be triggered, and the game will be stuck. Reloading may fix this. (Encountered on PC and PS3).
  • The blast effect of The Screaming Wall will sometimes look like a "Hall of Mirrors" graphical glitch. (Encountered on PC).