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Pleasure Tower
Pleasure Tower Top
The top of the tower.
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Western Continent
Region Battersmith
Inhabitants Hair Metal Militia
Location map
Pleasure Tower Map
“What the hell is wrong with this man?” — Lars Halford

The Pleasure Tower is a location on the Western Continent and home to General Lionwhyte and the Hair Metal Militia.


The Pleasure Tower is first entered after the mission "March to Impalement". After which Ironheade sets up a Megastage in the tower before being greeted by Lionwhyte. The stage battle "Sanctuary of Sin" takes place here.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After defeating the Hair Metal Militia and destroying the tower, Doviculus flies in and calls out for Succoria whilst Eddie, Lars, Lita, Mangus, and Ophelia hide. Insulted by the Emperor, Lars jumps out and informs him of his royalty, prompting Doviculus to stab him with his Double Staff Axe.

Before Eddie can retaliate, Emperor Doviculus calls in a Bleeding Death. Several more fall out of the sky, tearing down what was left of the Pleasure Tower. Eddie and Ophelia narrowly escape in the Deuce whilst the rest of Ironheade takes the tunnel that leads to Death's Clutch.


The Multiplayer map "Pleasure Gardens" is based on this location.


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