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Punishing Party
Basic ranged infantry
Punishing Party Attack
Hit Points Dominatrices: 8 (11 superior, 13 divine), Slave: 12 (17 superior, 21 divine)
Attack Damage Dominatrices: 0.5dmg (0.7dmg superior, 0.8dmg divine)
Double Team Slave: Spear Barrage (0.8dmg, 1.1dmg superior, 1.3dmg divine)
Support Effects Healing (for the Battle Nun who spawned them)
Fan Cost 100
Load 5 (5 units, 1 load each)
Special Traits Slave automatically dies if all Dominatrices die, Dominatrices take more damage if Slave dies
“The Dominatrices' love for their Slave is almost as potent as their hatred of Doviculus' enemies. However, in the end, both are treated similarly.” — Tour Book

The Punishing Party is a Tainted Coil first-generation ranged infantry unit.


“Gentle Lord, are you in need of a Punishing Party?” — Battle Nun

The Punishing Party first appears alongside General Lionwhyte's minions during the mission "Kill Master's Mercy", in which they try to stop Eddie Riggs, Lars Halford and Lita Halford from reaching the Kill Master at the summit of the Thunderhorn.

After Ironheade's three-month hiatus in Death's Clutch, they appear all across the Western Continent in patrols alongside Battle Nuns, mostly on the roads running along the westernmost cliffs, the road from Bladehenge all the way to the foot of Thunderhorn Mountain, and in the desert outside Battersmith. While the Slave is a burly male demon with a short reptilian tail and a small horned head, the Dominatrices are female avian creatures with cloven hooves and whip-like tails.


Basic ranged infantry, summoned only through a Battle Nun. Divine and Superior versions available. The Dominatrices are the offensive members, hurling spears at enemies from a distance, while the Slave provides them with 'ammunition', carrying numerous spears in his back.

The Dominatrices are the effective units in this group, as killing all of them results in the Slave killing himself. The Slave does not attack either, so he can more or less be ignored unless Doviculus is double-teaming with him.

In the event the Slave is killed before all the Dominatrices are, the remaining Dominatrices move and attack faster for 20 seconds.

Double Team[]

“Might I try my hand?” — Doviculus

Doviculus double teaming with a Punishing Party in the multiplayer beta.

Ridable infantry. Doviculus jumps atop the Slave and is able to manually throw spears at a target.

This is a rapid-firing attack that targets a single enemy. Like the Razor Girl double team attack, the player can use the target lock trigger for precise aiming in a group of targets. The Dominatrices will also follow Doviculus and the Slave around while they are double teaming.


Ah, look at all these pins!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Pin Boy - receive me!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Too many pins. Let's get rid of some!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Let me show you how to throw these things.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Might I try my hand?
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Naughty! Give me those pins.
— Dominatrix to her Slave
You fat, worthless tub of goo.
— Dominatrix to her Slave
That's for being slow!
— Dominatrix to her Slave
— Dominatrix to her Slave
What did you just say to me?
— Dominatrix to her Slave
Say thank you!
— Dominatrix to her Slave
Who's your Master!? Hmm?
— Dominatrix to her Slave
You're so stupid, Pin Boy.
— Dominatrix to her Slave
Don't you have anything to say for yourself?
— Dominatrix to her Slave
Pin me, Slave!
— Dominatrix to her Slave
You're taking all the pain the world... I feel nothing.
— Dominatrix to her Slave
Will you look at the attitude on these guys?
— Dominatrix referring to Drowning Doom units
Let's pin 'em!
— Dominatrix while attacking
I see someone who needs a lesson.
— Dominatrix while attacking
No! not our precious Master!
— Dominatrix when Doviculus is attacked
How dare you touch our Pin Boy!
— Dominatrix after her Slave is attacked
Just let me die, Slave!
— Dominatrix when attacked
Of course.
— Dominatrix after Doviculus issues a command
Why aren't you cheering, Slave? Were you rooting for the other side, you pig?
— Dominatrix to Slave when Enemy Stage falls
You are making some powerful enemies, Axeman.
— Dominatrix after Eddie attacks Tainted Coil units
I only wish I could hear this Merch Booth scream.
— Dominatrix while attacking an enemy Merch Booth
Stand still and be punished.
— Dominatrix while attacking an opposing Avatar
Round them up for punishment!
— Dominatrix while attacking
Oooh, naughty naughty.
— Dominatrix after killing an enemy


  • The Dominatrices are voiced by Cree Summer, Courtenay Taylor, Kari Wahlgren, and Tara Platt.
  • Tara Platt is married to Yuri Lowenthal, who happens to voice the Watt-R-Boys.
  • The Slave is often referred to as "Pin Boy" by the dominatracies.
  • If the Dominatrices manage to die before the slave, the slave will commit suicide by impaling itself with one of its own spears which will also cause it to explode into harmless gibs.