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Racing Missions
Screenshot x360 brutal legend047
Location Various
Given By Fletus
Rewards 25 Fire Tributes each
“Get behind the Druid Plow!” — Eddie, during a race

Racing Missions are a series of side missions in which Eddie Riggs must race The Deuce against the demon Fletus.


The demon Fletus thinks he's the fastest in all the Brütal Land. Eddie must prove him wrong by racing against him in the Deuce through a series of checkpoints, reaching the finish line first. Fletus will attempt to run the Deuce off the road if given a chance. Races occur in all areas of the map.

Twenty-five fire tributes are awarded for winning each racing mission. Completing all the missions rewards the player's Deuce with a faster boost speed and shorter boost cool down.


Along the Blood Coast[]

Starting point: On the road at the far north end of the Jungle Ending point: Back near the starting point Course: Goes in a loop along the northern coast of the area.

Doom's Race[]

Starting point: Near the entrance to the Dry Ice Mines Ending point: On the far right of the map, by the house entangled in a tree overlooking the sea Course: Starts along the railroad tracks, then down the route to the finish line.

In Lionwhyte's Tainted Backside[]

Starting point: In the snowy mountainous area north of the Pleasure Gardens Ending point: Within the destroyed pleasure gardens Course: Around the mountain pass.

Jungle Drag[]

Starting point: On the road near the bridge, just within the jungle area Ending point: On the end of the bridge near the Pleasure Gardens Course: Through the jungle, then back across the bridge.

Race to the Battered Plains[]

Starting point: On the road near the Stone Cross west of Bladehenge Ending point: Battersmith, just outside of the Cleave of the Impaler Course: Down the road and the Razor Fields, then moving around the edge of Battersmith.