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Racing the Reaper
Racing the Reaper Intro
Location Dry Ice Mines
Given By Mangus
Previous Dry Ice, Wet Graves
Next Sea of Black Tears
Rewards Access to the Sea of Black Tears
Start Dry Ice Mines
End Sea of Black Tears
“Sorry, just trying to get you in the mood... for death. Which is waiting for us down the road, let's hit it!” — Eddie Riggs

"Racing the Reaper" is the twentieth story mission in Brütal Legend and the final Tour Bus escort in the game.


After defeating the Drowning Doom and gaining control of the Dry Ice Mines, Ironheade prepares to convoy to the Sea of Black Tears. They are intercepted by Doom forces en route.


Eddie tries to get Mangus in the mood.
“In the future, this is referred to as gettin' served.” — Eddie Riggs

The first part of this mission plays out like the other escort missions encountered thus far; the player will drive The Deuce from one point to the other whilst defending it from attacking units. The Tour Bus will be attacked by Reapers, Lightning Rods, Frightwigs, and a Dirgible. The Lightning Rods and Frightwigs are very weak, and can be destroyed in one hit with most weapons. It is advised to stay ahead of the bus to take them out before they have a chance to attack.

Once the convoy reaches the entrance to the sea, the Drowned Ophelia will be waiting with a contingent of her soldiers. The player can command troops similar to a typical stage battle, albeit without flight. Once all enemy units and their avatar have been defeated, the mission will be completed.

Brütal Defeat[]

The mission will fail if:

  • The player dies.
  • The Tour Bus is destroyed.

If the mission is failed on the first segment, the tour bus will be shown surrounded by 3 reapers attacking it, Mangus will exclaim "I take it back, I'm not ready to die- AGHHHH!". The tour bus will subsequently explode.

If the mission is failed in the second segment, the player will simply have to restart that segment.