Brutal Legend Wiki
Anti-personnel short-range infantry
Hit Points 24
Attack Damage 9dmg
Double Team Rat Swarm (2.6dmg per second)
Counter Unit To Infantry
Fan Cost 150
Load 3 (1 unit, 3 load each, 4 unit limit)
Special Traits Heals self when rats return after attacks
“Lead my rats to victory!” — Ratgut

The Ratgut is a Drowning Doom short-range infantry unit that specializes in destroying infantry.


“Is Ratgut the master and his rats the minions, or is he in fact a prisoner of these ravenous vermin? The truth may be told someday ... but not today.” — Tour Book

Ratguts make their first appearance partway through the battle between the Drowning Doom and Ironheade during the "Doom's Dawn" mission. They appear occasionally in subsequent missions, but beyond that, they are only found on the pathway down to the Sea of Black Tears, or inside the tunnel leading to the Sea. There, they are always found in the company of a Bride and a Brood carriage.


Short-range infantry, melee infantry-killer. The Ratgut fights by expelling the rats from his body so they can devour enemy forces, replenishing his health when they are recalled back into his stomach.

These anti-infantry units are quite powerful, though their attack takes a moment to reach the target. Avatars can also block the rats as if they were a regular attack.

Double Team[]

Ratgut Double Team

Ridable infantry. Drowned Ophelia jumps into Ratgut's spacious stomach; from that location's relative safety, she can control her host's disease-ridden friends and focus their attacks on specific groups of enemies.

While the rats themselves cannot be harmed, the Ratgut is vulnerable to attack while his rats are deployed, as he will follow them when they move around.


Lead my rats to victory!
— Ratgut when commanded
Isn't anyone going to offer me a seat?
— Ratgut when idle
I have a right to my rats!
— Ratgut when idle
I just want to be left alone with my rats!
— Ratgut when idle
Oh! Kicking.
— Ratgut when idle
I just love the feeling of their life inside me.
— Ratgut when idle
Anybody want to feel my babies kick?
— Ratgut when idle
We'll get moving soon enough, I promise.
— Ratgut when idle
Settle down in there.
— Ratgut when idle
Oh, I'm so full.
— Ratgut when idle
What are you looking at?
— Ratgut when idle
Stop looking at me!
— Ratgut when idle
Don't Judge me!
— Ratgut when idle
I think I'm gonna blow.
— Ratgut when idle
Ah! can you feel it in there!?
— Ratgut when healing
Just in the nick of time!
— Ratgut when healing
Thank you Queen of Tears!
— Ratgut when healing
Leeches are disgusting! Don't you think my sweeties..?
— Ratgut when killing a fan-Leech
I can't wait for you to meet my babies.
— Ratgut when double-teaming
What did you talk about with Ophelia?
— Ratgut when double-teaming
Together we cannot fail!
— Ratgut when double-teaming
you are still the prettiest things I have ever regurgitated! Yes you are!
— Ratgut when double-teaming
Tooth and claw!
— Ratgut when attacking an enemy
Sink those teeth in!
— Ratgut when attacking an enemy
Don't eat the T-shirts, my pretties.
— Ratgut when attacking an enemy Merch-booth
My swarm is yours.
— Ratgut when commanded to follow
Ooh, they fell asleep while I was walking.
— Ratgut when commanded to stop moving
My darlings could use a rest.
— Ratgut when commanded to stop moving
We are stopping children.
— Ratgut when commanded to stop moving


  • As with Grave Diggers and Brides, Ratguts can lose body parts (their arms) and continue to function.
  • The name "Ratgut" seems to be drawn from a common name for cheap alcohol; "Rotgut".
  • Due to programming errors, the alternative voice is never heard in the game.