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Razor Girl
Basic ranged infantry
Hit Points 8 (11 upgraded)
Attack Damage 0.7dmg (1dmg upgraded)
Double Team Shoulder Blast (3.5dmg, 5.5dmg upgraded)
Fan Cost 100 (create), 200 (upgrade)
Load 4 (4 units, 1 load each)
“Armed with the highly flammable husks of the wild Razorfire Boar, the Razor Girls bring ranged death to Ironheade's enemies.” — Tour Book

The Razor Girl is an Ironheade ranged infantry unit.


“I've kept them a secret for their own protection, but now they want to fight and I'm here to arm them.” — Ophelia

Ophelia rescues the Razor Girls from General Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower with help from the stealthy Roadies. During "To the Slaughter", Eddie Riggs and Kill Master helps Ophelia arm them with husks from the Razorfire Boars, allowing them to join Ironheade as ranged units.

Despite certain later events, the Razor Girls remain loyal to Ironheade throughout the game.


Their outfit consists of a white t-shirt with black short sleeves and a skull logo, a thin necklace, a studded belt, blue-gray denim pants with rips in both knees, a spiked bracer in their left arm, a wristband on their right arm, and a single hoop earring (which changes sides depending on character model).


“Mangus, more ladies! Armed ladies!” — Eddie Riggs

Basic ranged infantry, upgradeable. Razor Girls use their large shotgun-like weapons to shoot energy bolts at their targets.

In groups, they can be effective against avatars, but are weak against melee infantry that get close enough to attack them.

Double Team[]

“Eddie gives a Girl a piggyback, giving those fiery piggy husks some extra juicy juice.” — Instruction Manual

A Razor Girl hops onto Eddie's shoulders, allowing him to select targets for an enhanced-damage attack.

This attack is useful when the player needs to take down a strong individual enemy from a distance, or target a specific enemy in a group (such as an avatar or counter-unit enemy).


I'm craving something salty right now. Is that weird?
— Razor Girls when idle
I really like your hair, by the way.
— Razor Girls when idle
Let's nail these freaks to the floor!
— Razor Girls when fighting Tainted Coil units.
Shoot it in the mouth!
— Razor Girls when demolishing a Grand Digester.
Do they have eyes? Shoot them in the eyes!
— Razor Girls when firing at Tainted Coil units.
Okay, they totally need a shower - but did you check out their abs!?
— Razor Girls when idle
Anybody got extra bolts? I'm running low.
— Razor Girls when idle
... dude.
— Razor Girl after sniffing herself
Remember to lead your runners.
— Razor Girls when idle
Anybody got any gum?
— Razor Girls when idle
Can you see the driver? Aim for the driver.
— Razor Girls when attacking vehicles
These things are gonna make my arms so buff.
— Razor Girls referring to heavy weaponry
Hey, Eddie. Wanna hook up?
— Razor Girls when idle
Dude, could I use your lighter?
— Razor Girls when idle
Let's do this together, man!
— Razor Girls when attacking
Drop the hairspray - let's go!
— Razor Girls when attacking
That was a perfect shot, if I do say so myself!
— Razor Girls after killing an enemy
Hey, get away from Eddie!
— Razor Girls after Eddie is attacked
— Razor Girls after Eddie plays Clementine
That's for impersonating Eddie!
— Razor Girls after killing an opposing Ironheade avatar
— Razor Girls after killing Ophelia
Eddie where are you going?
— Razor Girls after Eddie flies away
So do demons have hearts in the same place as us, or do you aim for the head?
— Razor Girls when attacking Tainted Coil units
I think their stage is so lame compared to ours.
— Razor Girls when idle
My hairspray's about to blow!
— Razor Girls when attacking
Don't let 'er jam up on ya.
— Razor Girls when attacking
Dude, together we are unstoppable.
— Razor Girls while Double-Teaming with Eddie
Now they're just making me mad.
— Razor Girls when attacking
Bam! Right between the eyes.
— Razor Girls when attacking
... Who? ... What?
— Razor Girls when near death
..I can't see.. From the blood in my eyes.
— Razor Girls when near death
Don't let 'em make a move on ya!
— Razor Girls when attacking
Aw, man. I was enjoying that!
— Razor Girl as Eddie dismounts Double-Team
Fuckin' demons.
— Razor Girls when encountering Tainted Coil units
Let's nail these freaks to the floor!
— Razor Girls when attacking Tainted Coil units
I bet you kinky freaks like this, don't you?
— Razor Girls when attacking Tainted Coil units
The Titans guide my bow now.
— Razor Girls when boosted with the Battle Cry solo
That sound is incredible!
— Razor Girls after Eddie plays a solo
Aim at their hearts! ... Wherever they keep them.
— Razor Girls when attacking Tainted Coil units


Razor Girl Art
  • The Razor Girls are voiced by Nika Futterman, Rebecca Corey, Talor Dooley and Cindy Marinangel.
  • The Razor Girls are most likely based on the "Razorgirl", a term used for strong heroine-characters in fictional Cyberpunk settings.
  • During the mission "Chasing the Plague" Eddie Riggs takes a request from Val, a Razor Girl in green camouflage who tells Eddie about a group of Raptor Elk, which must be eliminated before they spread the disease to the rest of the herd.
  • An interactive Razor Girl can be seen hauling Razor Bows from a pile of Razor Boar corpses to an unmanned Thunderhog, a little ways west of the Razor Fields.
  • The Hair Metal Militia uses a similar unit, the Groupie, only differing from the Razor Girl in appearance. It could be assumed they were formerly Groupies, or that Lionwhyte also harvested Razorfire Boar carcasses to arm the girls still loyal to him (either on his own initiative or after seeing how Eddie and Ophelia did so).
  • The Razor Girls will often spray their hair when idle. An idle animation has them grab a can of hairspray(where they store it on their person is a mystery), un-cap it, spray their hair, then put the can away.
  • Despite the Razor Bows still having the Razorfire Boars tusks on them the Razor Girls are never seen using them as bayonets, possibly because they lack the physical strength to use them as melee weapons.
  • There is a minor graphical bug in that the flame of Eddie Riggs' lighter will remain where the double team was initiated. This can be remedied by simply moving away from the area.