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Razorfire Boar
Razorfire Boar Tusk
Habitat Razor Fields
Disposition Hostile
Locomotion Two wheels
Speed Fast
Attacks Ram
Double Team Eddie rides the Boar, unable to stop it, but can change direction.
“This is what almost killed you isn't it?” — Eddie Riggs

The Razorfire Boar is a creature in Brütal Legend that inhabits the Razor Fields.

Summoned Razorfire Boar
Fast Anti-personnel Assault Vehicle
Hit Points ???
Attack Damage ???
Counter Unit To Melee Infantry
Load 4 (4 units, 1 load each, 4 unit limit)
Special Traits Summoned via "Call of the Wild" Solo (Campaign Mode only)


Razorfire Boars are boar/motorcycle hybrids with chrome tusks and handlebar ears that have wheels for legs. They are only found in the Razor Fields and can do massive damage to a player on foot with their ramming attack, or even the Deuce if they surround it. Their bones are made from metal, and when pulled out from the body, they create a rather powerful ranged weapon, the Razor Bow, which the Razor Girls use to great effect.

Double Team[]

Ridable vehicle. Eddie can Double Team with the Razorfire Boar by either stunning it or summoning it with Call of the Wild. Eddie can then ride it like a motorcycle. Although the boars have no weapons other than their ramming attack, they have the ability to release a nitro boost by pressing the left analogue stick, giving a boost of speed. The boars constantly move forward at top speed and cannot be slowed down.


Razorfire Boars attacked Ophelia whilst she was trying to arm the Razor Girls, nearly killing her. During the mission "To the Slaughter", she returns to the Razor Fields with Eddie Riggs and Kill Master and harvests their carcasses for Ironheade.


  • The name Razorfire Boar may be a reference to the American term "Razorback", a colloquialism applied to feral pigs and wild boars.
  • Although Ophelia never outright says that the Razorfire Boars mortally wounded her, the player can confirm that they did by approaching a group of them on foot, as they can kill Eddie very quickly.
  • The Razorfire Boar bare a functional similarity to the Light Cycle from TRON.



Riding a Razorfire Boar is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Beast Master
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Rode every animal in the world.

Boar Bather
Silver PS3 Silver
Rode a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and lived to tell the tale.