Brutal Legend Wiki
Fast anti-personnel melee infantry
Hit Points 18
Attack Damage 7dmg
Double Team Scythe/Fear Aura (2.5dmg + aura that causes infantry to run away)
Counter Unit To Melee infantry
Fan Cost 200
Load 4 (1 unit, 4 load each)
“Hey! Can you hear me through those headphones?” — Drowned Ophelia

The Reaper is a Drowning Doom melee infantry unit that specializes in destroying infantry.


“Death; Mors Mortis; La Petite Mort; the Reaper has many names, but the legendary soul collector and noted equestrian is here, and he's ready to rock.” — Tour Book

Reapers first appear when Ironheade clashes with the Drowning Doom during the mission "Dry Ice, Wet Graves". They also feature as the primary enemies during the escort mission "Racing the Reaper", in which they try to stop Ironheade's Tour Bus from reaching the Sea of Black Tears. Outside missions, Reapers roam the plains surrounding the Wraith Tree, clashing with gangs of Fire Barons in the area.


Fast infantry, melee infantry killer. Reapers ride around slashing enemies with their scythes in a 'hit-and-run' fashion. This allows them to avoid retaliation from melee units, as they do not possess many hitpoints for a tier 3 unit.

Because Reapers lack endurance and need space to move around their targets, they are vulnerable to massed units that manage to corner or surround them, as well as focus-fire from ranged units.

Double Team[]

“Hop on the Reaper's pony and produce and aura of fear, sending enemy infantry running. Then take the Reaper's scythe and do a little reaping of your own.” — Instruction Manual

Ridable infantry. The Reaper produces an aura of Fear, sending enemy infantry running. Drowned Ophelia can then take the Reaper's scythe and target specific enemies.

This aura scatters most infantry, so it can be useful for driving infantry units away from the player's Megastage. It also makes it unlikely that melee units will be able to surround the Reaper while the double team is in effect.


  • The Reaper's headphones make his face reminiscent of Vic Rattlehead, the mascot of Megadeth.
  • Occasionally, the player can find the Reaper's Steed wandering around the Black Tear Region.
  • Due to programming errors (voice set being applied to the wrong entity = the standalone Reaper unit rather than the Reaper on Horse unit), they rarely ever talk. Additionally, they only use 1 of 3 voice sets, as the other 2 were never setup in the game files (possibly due to time constraints). Reapers do comment when building Merch Booths and possibly on other actions like other units but it doesn't happen often and the lines tend to be overshadowed by avatars and other units as their voice tends to be quiet and ghostly.