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Relic Raiser Solo
“What have you done?” — Ophelia
“Made beauty by simply rocking, that's all.” — Eddie Riggs

Relic Raiser is the first Ironheade guitar solo learned in the Brütal Legend campaign, and is exclusive to single player.


This solo allows the player to unearth the ancient secrets of the Titans, denoted by Devil Thorns. This can be used to find Motor Forges and Buried Metal across the Brütal Land.


Relic Raiser Tutorial
The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Relic Raiser is discovered in the Temple of Ormagöden during the game's first mission, "Welcome to the Age of Metal" The solo unearthes car parts, which Eddie Riggs then uses to construct the Deuce.

Later, during the mission "The Unhealing Wound" he uses the solo to raise the bridge, which Drowned Ophelia subsequently destroys with her guitar.

After being trapped by the Zaulia, Eddie escapes immolation at the Temple of the Zaulia by playing this solo and revealing his lineage to Rima.

This solo can be played wherever the Red Devil Thorn grows, and it only grows where the land is steeped in legend.