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Ride of the Wing Man
Ride of the Wing Man
Location Beach Party
Given By The Casanova
Rewards 25 Fire Tributes
“This party sucks, and it's all your fault!” — Suzie

"Ride of the Wing Man" is a side mission in Brütal Legend.


The player is presented with a top down view and controls a group of Headbangers who must be manoeuvred to keep interlopers from interfering with a romantic encounter.


“Listen, you go sweet talk your lady, I'll round up some Headbangers and keep those other dudes from getting too close.” — Eddie Riggs

Eddie Riggs approaches Suzie, who expresses displeasure about the party, because the Thunderhog riders are stealing all the action. He asks Eddie to be his wingman, so that he can woo the nearby Razor Girl.


Eddie contemplates becoming a wing man.

The player must start out by forming a mosh pit with the other nearby Headbangers. Using their double team attack, they must fend off any approaching Sparkies. If any of them are inside the lit-up ring for too long, the mission will fail. The mission is successfully completed after 1:05 (one minute and five seconds) has passed.


  • As stated above, this is the ONLY mission in the game to have a fixed camera perspective.
  • PC players might experience heavy lag (i.e. the mission plays in slow motion) during this mission if they have a lower-end PC.