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Riding the Death Rack
Riding The Death Rack
Location Various
Given By Jack the Lift-Op
Rewards 25 Fire Tributes
“Hook me up I'm ready for blast off. ” — Eddie Riggs

"Riding the Death Rack" is a side mission in Brütal Legend. It is given by Jack the Lift-Op, who invents the Death Rack, which allows Eddie Riggs to rain death from above with his Deuce.


Mount The Death Rack

This mission is started by talking to Jack by the Death Rack at several locations around the Brütal Land. He tasks the player with protecting Ironheade resources and killing enemy units using whatever primary weapon is equipped. Jack will give intel as to the location of charging enemies. The player can make use of all four commands with a small contingent of friendly units. The player should attack enemies and position units so that enemies don't get close enough to the Death Rack. If that happens, the player will be unable to attack them, and must rely on friendly units. If the Rack is takes enough damage, it will be destroyed and the player will fail the mission.


During this mission, songs from the Ironheade soundtrack will play randomly.