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Hero of the Human Rebellion
Riggs Rebel
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Black Tear Rebellion
Hair Color Black
Skin Tone Light
Special Features First owner of the Battle Cry sword, able to resist the influence of the Sea of Black Tears
Weapons Battle Cry (sword)
“Your father was a hero. The only one of his army to resist the temptation of the tears. The only one to survive.” — Lita Halford

Riggnarok was a renowned hero amongst the Humans and the Zaulia, the founder and leader of the Black Tear Rebellion, and the one who led the Zaulia to victory over that same rebellion once its members went mad after drinking from the Sea of Black Tears.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Riggnarok was born in the Age of Metal and was the man responsible for beginning the uprising of humans against the Tainted Coil. He taught them to make clothing and weapons from nature, and led them into battle, proving efficient enough that the Tainted Coil, in a desperate move to turn the tides of the war, removed the seal on the Sea, knowing the allure it posed for humans. The humans all drank from the Sea of Black Tears, and renamed their uprising the Black Tear Rebellion. Riggnarok was the only one among them to not drink of it, and was the only one to survive when the humans fought and destroyed one another.

Riggnarok went on one final mission to assassinate the Empress of the Tainted Coil, Succoria. Stowing away among her cadre of slaves, he followed her when she travelled through time to the Age of Modern Man. Upon arrival, however, her spirit was shattered when she found that man, not demon, was the true inheritor of the Titans. She freed her slaves, but he had stayed behind to finish his mission. However, her bloodlust was gone, and he could not bring himself to slay the pitiful, once mighty Empress of the Tainted Coil. Instead, he stayed with her and cared for her. The prejudices and war of their time now past, it no longer made a difference. Eventually, this would lead to a companionship, a romance, and a coupling, until finally the birth of a son, who they would name "Eddie Riggs" so he would fit in better with the humans of the modern era. However, Succoria would not survive the birth. Riggnarok then took his son from the cave so that he might live life normally in this time, and never learn of his ancestry.

Some unspoken amount of time later, Riggnarok would pass away after living the rest of his life in peace, leaving his son a necklace from Succoria (most likely one of her teeth), and, unwittingly, the Idol of Ormagöden - which Eddie mistook for a belt buckle.


  • Riggnarok's name comes from a combination of the Norse legend of the end of the world, or Ragnarök, and Riggs. Eddie's surname, Riggs, is derived from Riggnarok.
  • Riggnaraok's sword bares a shallow resemblence to Lars' sword Battle Cry, implying that he was its original owner.


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