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Queen of the Zaulia
Gender Female
Race Human (Zaulia)
Faction Ironheade
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Skin Tone Light
Weapons Spear
Personal Vehicle Metal Beast (tamed Metal Beast)
Voiced By Lita Ford
“We are already an army. You are not welcome to join it.” — Rima

Rima is the queen of the Zaulia, a group of female warriors who ride Metal Beasts into battle. She is an ally of Eddie Riggs and Ironheade.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Rima is first encountered in the mission "A Number Of The Beasts", during which she imprisons Eddie in the Temple of the Zaulia shortly after catching him, Lita Halford, and The Baron. Using the Relic Raiser solo, Eddie narrowly avoids burning to death at the Zaulia's hands and reveals that he is the son of Riggnarok: the legendary hero and leader of the Black Tear Rebellion who saved the Zaulia from annihilation. Upon realising his lineage, Rima agrees to join Ironheade.

After the campaign is completed, Rima can be found at the Temple of the Zaulia. If Eddie tries to talk to her, she'll ask if he came for the mating challenge. He will nervously decline, saying that he is seeing somebody (Ophelia).


Double Team[]

Eddie joins Rima on the back of her Metal Beast, and she allows him to control the creature, running around and using its fearsome fire breath at will. In stage battles, Rima is the first Metal Beast to be hired. If she dies, there must be no other Metal Beasts on the field for her to the next one that is hired.


  • The Baron jokingly tells Eddie at one point that he once "shacked up" with Rima before admitting that he was kidding, and that she probably "lives in a pile of leaves or something."
  • Rima is based on Rima the Jungle Girl, a heroine featured in several adventure novels and comic books. Also, the face paint that she and the rest of the Zaulia wears is similar to the face paint worn by King Diamond, Nattefrost, and KISS.
  • She openly states at one point that she believes Eddie would make a good mate (likely due to Eddie's tremendous military organizational skills, considerable power, and relation to Riggnarok), if he were not still in love with "the drowned woman".
  • As mentioned in the story section of this page, after the game is completed, Rima can be found at the top of the Zaulia temple tending to her Metal Beast.
  • Rima is voiced by former Runaways Lead Guitarist Lita Ford.


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