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Anti-building melee infantry
Hit Points 12
Attack Damage 0.6dmg
Double Team Feedback Blast (3.5dmg knockback AOE)
Counter Unit To Buildings
Fan Cost 200
Load 3 (3 units, 1 load each)
Special Traits Invisible to enemies except at close range
“Yeah, let me guess. You guys are really great at hauling stuff, you hang out in the shadows, you only wear black, and you're really hard to see from far away?” — Eddie Riggs

The Roadie is an Ironheade melee infantry unit that specializes in destroying buildings.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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A couple of Roadies in the Cleave.
The Roadies, before being named as such, originally helped Ophelia smuggle women out of Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower through the otherwise impenetrable Cleave of the Impaler. When Eddie met them, he decided to bring them into the fighting forces of Ironheade after outfitting them with powerful amps taken from the The Screaming Wall during the mission "Pilgrimage of Screams".


“The stealthy Roadies are capable of producing feedback sufficient to bring down even the largest structure.” — Tour Book

Melee infantry, building destroyer. They are stealth specialists who are hidden from enemies unless in close quarters. The giant amps that they carry on their backs deliver blasts of feedback that damage their enemies.

Roadies are the unit of choice when the player wants to bring down the enemy's Merch Booths or Megastage quickly. While they are not much stronger than basic first-tier units, enemies cannot see them unless they are very close, and they deal extra damage to buildings.

Double Team[]

Ridable infantry. Eddie jumps atop one of the speaker stacks, getting all the benefits of his fellow Roadies' stealth. He's then able to create a feedback blast with knockback.

The feedback is quite powerful and notable for being able to knock over large infantry that would normally recoil or ignore knockback attacks. It will also send an enemy avatar flying.


  • The Roadies are voiced by Brooks McBeth, Jim Ward and Grant Albrecht.
  • On the Feeding Area map, Roadies will not be targeted by the Lamprey.
  • In the opening cutscene, a modern day roadie talks with Eddie and has the same model as the Ironheade Roadies.
  • "Roadie" is a slang term for a member of the road crew, who are people employed by a touring band of musicians to set up and maintain their equipment.