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Rock Crusher
Massive ranged assault and support vehicle
Hit Points 80
Attack Damage 8dmg
Double Team Bladehenge Solo (20dmg AOE)
Support Effects Damage increase (for all units)
Counter Unit To Everything
Fan Cost 450
Load 6 (1 unit, 6 load, 1 unit limit)
“She's gone, but I do see something dangerous and I like it. I think it's time our show had a second stage.” — Eddie Riggs

The Rock Crusher is an Ironheade ranged assault and support vehicle and the faction's most powerful unit.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“The Rock Crusher is the ultimate portable stage, when it's time to take the metal to your enemies' front door.” — Tour Book

Eddie and Lita discover the primary component for the Rock Crusher after defeating the Drowned Ophelia.
After the battle in the Dry Ice Mines, Eddie sees one of the pieces of equipment for the mines, a large rock crushing roller. He notes that it's something dangerous, "and I like it." This new discovery inspires him to build a second, mobile stage for Ironheade, thus creating Ironheade's most powerful unit.


“When it's time to take the Metal to your enemies' front door, deploy a Rock Crusher, the ultimate in portable stage technology.” — Instruction Manual

Massive ranged assault and support vehicle. Pyro mortars rain death upon enemies from afar while portable speaker stacks motivate nearby troops, raising their damage output and there's also the front-mounted grinding crusher.

The Rock Crusher's mortars, of which it has several, fire much like a traditional mortar, and as such, work best when a target is moving slowly or not at all. The grinder is always on, so anything the Rock Crusher drives into head-on will begin taking damage from it. The speaker stacks are also on permanently, so friendly units that remain close to it will receive a buff similar to the Battle Cry for as long as they are in range.

As powerful as the Rock Crusher is, it will usually take a defensive position in the back ranks of the player's army, as it will use its pyro mortars rather than its grinder to attack enemies. Its buff effect will sometimes not reach units on the frontlines if it is at the back of a large group.

The Rock Crusher can only be purchased once the Megastage has been fully upgraded to level 4.

Double Team[]

The Rock Crusher bringing the sword of Bladehenge down upon its enemies.

Drivable vehicle. Eddie can Double Team with the Rock Crusher to direct its motion and attacks. Eddie plays the Bladehenge solo, summoning a Stonehenge like ring around his foes, trapping them, however occasionally small infantry such as gravediggers can slip through its walls, and enemy avatars can fly out of the ring. As the attack completes, a sword descends into the ring, dealing massive damage to enemies trapped inside.

The Rock Crusher's grinder is also usable when the player is double teamed. Driving the grinder into enemy units or structures will deal constant damage to them.


  • The Rock Crusher plays the same track as Ironheade's Megastage to create its attack buff.
  • Driving the Rock Crusher along terrain ledges or otherwise placing it on an uneven footing may cause it to spontaneously flip and explode.
  • The Rock Crusher is the only Ironheade unit that is not present in free roam.
  • In the event of the Rock Crusher's destruction, there is a wait period before the player can summon another one.
  • A glitch has been noted in the map Feeding Area wherein sometimes reversing the rock crusher will cause it to move backwards at an alarming rate regardless of player input for a few seconds.
  • The Rock Crusher is essential for taking down the towers that guard Drowned Ophelia's Cathedral/Megastage  during the mission "Sea of Black Tears".
  • This is Ironheade's "Super Unit".

Unit Buff Visual Cues[]

These areas will flash gold when the buff is active (similar to the Battle Cry solo):



Double teaming with a Rock Crusher in a Stage Battle is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy (it's not possible to complete "Sea of Black Tears" without doing so, however):

Bronze PS3 Bronze
Killed 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher.