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Screaming Wall
Screaming Wall Landmark
The view of the Screaming Wall from the nearby Landmark Viewer
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Region Beach
Inhabitants Ironheade
Location map
Screaming Wall Map

The Screaming Wall is a location and landmark on the Western Continent that is fully explored during the mission "Pilgrimage of Screams".


The Screaming Wall itself is a massive wall made of speakers and amplifiers, which sporadically blasts out sound, due to a sound loop created by the nearby seagulls, all of which have microphones for bodies, posing a danger to those who venture too close. The wall stretches out from a mountain range into the sea, and can be seen from the Northern coast line. The player can reach the Screaming Wall via a narrow strip of land between the ocean and the side of a volcano, from which lava occasionally spews. This narrow strip of land is decorated with amp and speaker cables.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Eddie Riggs and Ophelia, along with the newly recruited Bouncers, travel here to harvest amps for the Roadies. Along the way, they fight Hair Metal Militia units and General Lionwhyte, who attempts to goad the Bouncers into leaving Ironheade, to no avail. Once they reach the end of the long strip of land leading to the wall itself, Eddie extracts the amps for the Roadies to use. Along the way back, they are assaulted by a flock of Seagulls that can only be defeated with their double team.


  • The multiplayer map "The Amplified Cliffs" is based on this area.
  • There is a graphical glitch that causes the feedback wave to appear like a "Hall of Mirrors" glitch.


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