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The tutorial screen shown after completion of the mission "Lair of the Metal Queen".

Secondary missions in Brütal Legend are missions that are not required to finish the campaign, but which can be performed by the player in order to earn Fire Tributes.


Secondary missions are unlocked throughout the campaign and appear as pins within the game map. The player initiates a side mission by interacting with the mission provider, after which the player is given a choice to start the mission immediately or save it for later.

If the player fails a secondary mission, they are given a chance to immediately replay it. Once a mission is successfully completed, twenty-five Fire Tributes are earned and the mission is removed from the map.

Completion of all secondary missions is a requirement for 100% Completion.

Mission Types[]

Nine different types of secondary missions are available. Four are one-off missions while the other five occur at multiple locations across the Brütal Land.


Multiple Locations[]