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Drowned Ophelia with her guitar in hand.

Six-Stringed Sorrow is the guitar used by Drowned Ophelia to perform ranged attacks and Solos.


The light green guitar features blue, lit candles for machine heads and appears to be lighter than the Hydra, likely being similar in weight to the Clementine. The shape is oddly reminiscent of a spider, and there is a piece near the body of the guitar's body that is purple, and has a black spider web design. Ophelia is able to summon the guitar from black tears in a manner similar to how she can attack with them at any time.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Drowned Ophelia uses the Six-Stringed Sorrow to destroy the bridge Eddie raised to prevent Ironheade from crossing.


  • The solo Drowned Ophelia plays to destroy the bridge is the solo from the song "Betrayal", which was written specifically for her character.
  • The head of the guitar has candles for tuning pegs.