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Six Degrees of Schafer
Multiplayer Achievement
Six Degrees of Schafer
Description Play with or against another player who has this Trophy
Gamer Score 15Gamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze PS3 Bronze
Downloadable content N/A

Six Degrees of Schafer is a gameplay achievement/trophy in Brütal Legend.


Play with or against another player who has this achievement/trophy.


  • This achievement references Tim Schafer, the founder of Double Fine Productions who produced Brütal Legend. As a viral achievement, the title suggests that Tim Schafer started with the achievement, then seeded it to other players during playtesting, after which it spread out from those players.
  • The title "Six Degrees of Schafer" is a reference to the idea of "Six degrees of separation". This idea suggests that everyone on Earth can be connected to everyone else by an average of six steps (a chain of six associated people).