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Doviculus setting the skies ablaze.
“The battle is ours! Let us spill blood under this beautiful sky!” — Doviculus

Skies Afire is a Tainted Coil guitar solo that alters the weather, buffing all friendly units relative to their proximity to the Tainted Coil Megastage.


The Emperor observing his work.
“Light a spark in the dark, increasing the damage your army does when near your stage.” — Instruction Manual

This solo changes the sky to a dark red colour, inspiring the Tainted Coil to fight harder the closer they are to their own stage.


  • Since this solo is most effective near the Tainted Coil stage, it is best reserved for use in a defensive capacity when the enemy is advancing on the stage.
  • It can also be used to stop the enemy from using a weather-altering guitar solo. By playing this solo, enemy avatars cannot play Skies Afire, Light of Dawn, or Encompassing Gloom until the weather effect wears off.
  • Due to a bug in the PC version of the game, The solos visual effects and when the Tainted Coil invade the Western Continent before the mission "Deliver the Metal" appear in TOTAL Black-and-White.