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Skull Raker
Large medium-range infantry
Hit Points 38 (54 superior)
Attack Damage 7dmg (10dmg superior)
Double Team Head Swat (9dmg knockback, 12dmg knockback superior)
Support Effects Healing (for the Warfather who spawned him)
Fan Cost 200
Load 4 (1 unit, 4 load each)
“Please drive my skull deep into the enemy!” — Skull Raker

The Skull Raker is a Tainted Coil second generation ranged infantry unit.


“The Skull Raker may have the mind of a demented infant, but he's got the body of a much larger, even more demented infant.” — Tour Book

In single player missions, Skull Rakers are not seen until the final mission, "Abomination Overdrive", where they appear once Ironheade brings down one of the Black Tear Monster's heads, however, after the events of "It's Raining Death" and "Doom's Dawn", they can be found accompanying Warfathers around Bladehenge, Battersmith, and the Thunderhorn in free roam.


Green Skull Rakers in multiplayer.

Large general-purpose infantry, summoned only through a Warfather. Effective at short or medium range. Superior version available.

These creatures use their spiked heads as weapons, slinging them at enemies via the long chain that serves as their 'neck'. This chain also allows them to retrieve their head after they have thrown it.

Their attacks have a long wind-up time, during which they do not move, although they will track their target until they release their head.

Double Team[]

The Skull Raker in full swing.
“Ride a Raker, and bat their flail-head with Doviculus' staff to bestow delicious pain on your enemies.” — Instruction Manual

Ridable infantry. When double teamed with them, Doviculus uses his staff to strike the Skull Raker's head directly into enemies.

Although this strike is quicker than their normal attack, there is a delay of a few seconds before the Skull Raker pulls its head back. The player cannot cancel out of the Double Team until it does so.

Their movement while Double Teamed is similar to a Raptor Elk: if the player moves in one direction long enough, they will start running.


Ride upon my shoulders, mighty Doviculus!
— Skull Raker when Doviculus is nearby
Take a walk with me.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
I want to show you something.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Let me show you how to throw this thing.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Look over that way, and relax.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
This is the greatest moment of my life!
— Skull Raker when mounted by Doviculus
Let me take this moment to tell you what an honor it is to serve the Coil, my master.
— Skull Raker when mounted by Doviculus
I have been chosen by the mighty Doviculus!
— Skull Raker when mounted by Doviculus
Together we shall rule forever!
— Skull Raker when mounted by Doviculus
Fall, you wretched thing!
— Skull Raker after destroying an enemy Merch Booth
What a firm hand he has.
— Skull Raker when Doviculus dismounts
That was incredible!
— Skull Raker when Doviculus dismounts
I've never flown so far.
— Skull Raker when Doviculus dismounts
This suit of armor is made of pure pain.
— Skull Raker when idle
I can feel no pain when that musical scream is in my ears!
— Skull Raker when buffed by a Screamwagon
Your symphony of screams fuels my taste for blood.
— Skull Raker when buffed by a Screamwagon
Your suffering inspires!
— Skull Raker when buffed by a Screamwagon
That piercing wail thickens my hide!
— Skull Raker when buffed by a Screamwagon
Too simple.
— Skull Raker after killing an enemy Avatar
Get away from the emperor you insect!
— Skull Raker when Doviculus is hit
Of course, my liege.
— When Doviculus issues a command.
You will pay for that, human.
— Skull Raker, when being struck by Ironheade.


  • Skull Rakers are voiced by comedian Steve Agee.
  • Skull Rakers can lose their arm (the one that doesn't carry their head) and continue to fight.
  • Their attacks are nearly strong enough to overturn The Deuce.