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Soul Kisser
Basic melee infantry
Hit Points 9 (13 superior, 17 divine)
Attack Damage 0.4dmg (0.7dmg superior, 1dmg divine)
Double Team Bondage Grenade (10dmg, 11dmg superior, 14dmg divine suicide attack)
Support Effects Healing (for the Battle Nun who spawned them)
Fan Cost 100
Load 4 (4 units, 1 load each)
“Would you like to fly?” — Doviculus

The Soul Kisser is a Tainted Coil first-generation melee infantry unit.


“Leather-clad, scissor-headed maidens of pain, the Soul Kissers are simple but effective tools to inflict on enemy infantry.” — Tour Book

Soul Kissers are first seen patrolling Bladehenge when Eddie Riggs and Lita Halford return from Death's Clutch in search of scaffolding.

Outside missions, they continue to patrol near Bladehenge in small groups, and also accompany Battle Nuns near Battersmith and inside General Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower.


Basic melee infantry, summoned only through a Battle Nun. Divine and Superior versions available.

Soul Kissers attack enemies with the shears that sprout from their heads. Like Headbangers and Grave Diggers, they perform best against basic ranged units like Razor Girls.

When they open their shears they will reveal a face made of black latex-like skin with two glowing yellow eyes.

Double Team[]

“Doviculus can take hold of a Soul Kisser and hurl her at an enemy. She'll explode on contact, dealing heavy damage to any target. Regrettably, the Soul Kisser's life is lost, but her heroic sacrifice will make her a legend for generations to come.” — Tour Book

Doviculus can pick up the Soul Kisser and throw her at the enemy, causing a high damage AOE explosion on impact. This attack is powerful enough to remove a Fan Leech with two throws.


— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Prepare to kiss your final soul.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
It is your time to serve.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Soul Kisser! Come!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming