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Spider Lair
Spider Lair Vista
The Spider Lair, when viewed through the nearby Landmark Viewer.
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Region Bladehenge
Inhabitants Metal Spiders, Metal Queen
Location map
Spider Lair Map
“But we don't go into her lair any more... lest she bite us in half, suck out our innards, and lay her eggs in our eye sockets.” — Kill Master

The Spider Lair is a location and landmark in the Western Continent of the Brütal Land, and home to the Metal Queen. It is fully explored during the mission "Lair of the Metal Queen".


The Spider Lair is built into the side of a rock face, and is maintained by the Kill Master's band of bassists. It is found a little ways Northwest of the Thunderhorn, beside the downward trail that leads to the Beach.

The inner parts of the lair are dark and surrounded by grey stones, lava flows, and spider webs. The narrow, winding corridor eventually opens up to the Metal Queen's inner sanctum, where she and her Metal Spiders nest. From the heart of the Spider Lair, there is another opening, where one will find themselves on the eastern side of the Thunderhorn.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Eddie confronts the Spider Queen at the heart of her lair.

When the Kill Master fails to heal Ophelia with his bass strings, he informs Eddie Riggs that the only strings thick enough to save her are those weaved by the Metal Queen. Whilst Lars and Lita Halford squabble over Ophelia's fidelity, Eddie ventures here to retrieve the strings.

Once he defeats her, he takes the strings and gathers the materials around the heart of the lair to make a Trike, which he uses to escape and deliver the strings to the Kill Master in time.


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