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The average Stage Battle.
“Orchestrate a war by capturing resources, fielding an army, and vanquishing foes, then lay waste to their foul stage before they destroy yours to emerge triumphant!” — Instruction Manual

Stage Battles are real-time strategy (RTS) battles that play an integral role in Brütal Legend.


Eddie in the air, controlling his units.

Stage Battles occur in several campaign missions and are also the basis of Multiplayer in Brütal Legend. The battle begins with each side having a Megastage and one or more Merch Booths that serve as a source of Fans. Fans are the currency for creating and upgrading units on the battlefield. This includes stage upgrades, unit upgrades, and some stage defenses.

The player controls an avatar. This is always Eddie Riggs in the campaign battles, but can also be Drowned Ophelia or Doviculus in multiplayer battles. The player's avatar can attack, Double Team with units, play Guitar Solos, operate the stage defenses, and purchase units and unit upgrades.

To obtain more Fans, avatars must first command units to attack a Fan Leech, causing it to leave the Fan Geyser underneath. When no other enemy units are around, the geyser will glow green and avatars can play the Fan Tribute guitar solo to cap it with a Merch Booth. If enemies are near, it glows red and you are unable to cap it until the enemy units are killed or moved away.

The goal is to destroy the opposing Megastage. This can only be done with units, as avatars cannot attack buildings. Each stage has ten yellow lights, which indicate the stage's health. Once all ten fall down, the stage is destroyed and the other faction is granted a Brütal Victory.

Campaign Stage Battles[]

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