Brutal Legend Wiki
Eddie double teaming with an Ironheade Megastage.
“This stuff is better than any fog machine I've ever used. I think it would really help our stage show.” — Eddie Riggs

The Megastage is equipped with Stage Defenses that can be activated by double teaming with its microphone. These can be used as a last ditch effort to repel enemies from the stage.


There are four different defenses available. Excluding the spotlights, they all have cooldown times, which are represented by pentagrams. These pentagrams begin to draw when a defense is activated and disappear once the cooldown is complete.

  • Speakers: The speaker stacks at the left and right ends of the Stage produce powerful feedback blasts that will damage and knock away most enemies caught in the shockwave. The effect is similar to the Double Team attack Eddie Riggs can perform with his Roadies.
  • Fog: The Stage can emit a dry ice fog that reduces the attack power of enemies who remain in its area of effect.
  • Stage Healing: The energy of 200 Fans can be used to repair damage taken by the Stage. The Stage health is represented by a row of 10 yellow stagelights (in other words, 10% health per light remaining), which will fall off as the Stage takes damage. Using the Heal action will repair up to 10% (one light) of damage the Stage has taken.
  • Spotlights: The spotlights are situated at the top of the Stage, but are not activated from the microphone like the others. These are emplacement weapons which the avatar can fly up to and use to fire beams of light at enemies. They can be charged up in a manner similar to the Lightning Rod, at which point they will deal greater damage to their target.