Brutal Legend Wiki
The stage upgrade option at the top of the unit selection menu.
“The more hardcore your stage, the more hardcore your dudes.” — Instruction Manual

Stage Upgrades are improvements to the Megastage that allow for more powerful units to be built, among other benefits.


After accumulating enough fans, stage upgrades become available in the top position on the recruiting menu. The Megastage starts at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 4. The visuals for the stage upgrade along with it. Each upgrade adds speakers and monitors on top showing clips of the faction in action.

The Ironheade stage after being upgraded.

Each upgrade unlocks new, more powerful units for purchase. More powerful guitar solos also become available with higher levels of technology. When the stage reaches level 3, unit upgrades also become available.

At level 4, each faction gains access to its single most powerful unit. Eddie Riggs can build the Rock Crusher, Ophelia can recruit a Tree Back, and Doviculus can hire a Bleeding Death, though it must be deployed to the field through the Launch of Death solo.


  • If the player pauses their game in front of the video screens on their fully upgraded stage, the video will continue to play.