Emperor of the Tainted Coil
Gender Female
Race Demon
Faction Tainted Coil
Eye Color Yellow
Weapons The Separator
“This soggy puppet couldn't hold a candle to Emperor Succoria. The emperor was our most fierce, our most bloodthirsty warrior.” — Doviculus

Succoria, also known as the Grand Demon Witch and White-Winged Death, was a fearsome Demon warrior and a former Emperor of the Tainted Coil.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After enslaving much of humanity, the Tainted Coil started a large ritual to send one of their own into the future - Succoria herself. In search of the secrets of the Titans, she went forward to the future, bringing with her an idol of Ormagöden, which would return her to her own time with a blood offering, and some slaves, among which was the legendary warrior Riggnarok in disguise, who intended to assassinate her on her mission.

Upon arriving in the future, however, Succoria was shocked to find that demons were nonexistent and that humans were the dominant species - they had inherited the legacy of the Titans, and erected many civilizations. Defeated, she freed her slaves and took refuge in a cave, unwilling to return to lead the Coil with the knowledge that her people were doomed. Back in the past, when she failed to return, a demon named Doviculus took her place as Emperor of the Tainted Coil.

Meanwhile, Riggnarok, who had intended to slay her, pitied Succoria in her utter and hopeless defeat, and could not bring himself to kill her. Instead, while the other slaves fled, he stayed with her, and cared for her. Far away from the taboos and prejudice of their time, a certain desire (or possibly love) was formed from their companionship and eventually a child.

Succoria would eventually die after giving birth to their son, Eddie Riggs. Riggnarok took the infant from the cave that day, along with the Idol of Ormagöden, Succoria's shirt and necklace. Years later Riggnarok gave Edward his necklace, which would become an important item for Eddie as well, being the only thing he has from his mother. After Riggnarok's death Eddie would also find the idol in his father's attic, and choose to wear it, thinking it was a belt buckle. When Eddie bled on his mother's idol during a Kabbage Boy concert, it would finally fulfill its purpose and return its wearer to the Age of Metal.


  • Succoria is never seen outside of the "Abomination Overdrive" Artifact. Thus, her appearance is unknown, and only hints as to what she may look like are given.
    • Her nickname, "The White-Winged Death" hints that she had white wings.
    • During the mission Abomination Overdrive, before the battle with Doviculus, he tells Eddie to "Come and see me when you grow a pair as big as your mother's", to which Eddie responds "Hope he's talking about horns".
    • Doviculus tells Eddie that "You're wearing her shirt", revealing what her clothing looked like.
    • If the player fails the final stage battle, Doviculus stands over Eddie and says "You have your mother's eyes..." suggesting that Succoria's eyes were also yellow, as Eddie's are in demon form.
    • Before learning the truth of his shirt, Eddie thought that the only thing he had from his mother was a shark's tooth on a necklace. It is possible that the tooth was in fact one of Succoria's. If so, she may have had sharp teeth.
      • If the tooth is in fact Succoria's, then it parallels the titular "Pick of Destiny" from the Tenacious D movie. In it, the Pick is a tooth taken from Satan himself that has made all of the best rock stars famous. This also parallels Eddie's status as "The Greatest Roadie of all time".
  • A drawing in the Abomination Overdrive Artifact of Legend depicts Succoria as a giant demon with hooves, with Druid's robe and a cape with the Tainted Coil symbol.
  • Upon the first head being taken down during Abomination Overdrive, Doviculus states that he was glad she turned down his advances because now he knows Eddie isn't his child and "not many people can say that".


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