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The Summon Deuce solo in action.
“Let's go plow some demons.” — Eddie Riggs

Summon Deuce is an Ironheade guitar solo that summons Eddie's personal vehicle, the Deuce.


“Put down your wheels whenever and wherever you need them.” — Instruction Manual

Also known as "Drop a Deuce", this guitar solo will summon the Deuce to Eddie from anywhere in the world. In single player, the Tab Slab is found just outside of Bladehenge, accessible after the mission "To Bladehenge!".

The car will spawn in which ever direction they are facing, unless they are too close to a wall or cliff. Most missions, with the exception of stage battles will not allow the player to summon the Deuce. In addition, the player can not use this solo in places where the Deuce cannot be driven, such as Bladehenge and the Spider Lair.


The same solo is available to Ironheade players in multiplayer. Equivalent solos for the other factions are Summon Hearse for Drowning Doom and Summon Chariot for Tainted Coil.