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Tab Slab Unlock
“These artifacts seem to have been deliberately left behind to document riffs and power chords that can be played to invoke specific effects in the world. ” — Tour Book

Tab Slabs are collectibles scattered throughout the Brütal Land that unlock new guitar solos in single player.

Guitar Solos[]


  • After a Tab Slab has been used once, interacting with it again will simply bring up the page for that solo in the Tour Book.
    • An unread Tab Slab will glow purple. After it is read, a chrome skull will appear over the slab and spikes will grow from it. The color will also change to pink/red.
  • The player MUST approach the Tab Slab from the side with the writing on the slab and the lights on the ground to activate the slab.
  • The respective solo will play as the activation cutscene is playing to indicate which solo is being unlocked.



Tab Slab Map