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Titan Tear Drinkers
“Human hearts, they get sadder than those of the demons.” — Rima

Tear Drinkers are a race of former Humans driven mad by the Sea of Black Tears.


During the Age of the Titans, some Titans were enraptured by the allure of Aetulia's song. Many went mad in grief, destroying themselves and everything around them, consumed and overwhelmed by grief. To protect themselves from the Sea's lure, the Titans dropped a mountain on top of the Sea.

In fear of Riggnarok's human uprising, the Tainted Coil opened the Sea, leaving the Humans open to temptation. The first to drink from the Sea, intoxicated with power, renamed their uprising the Black Tear Rebellion. This event turned Human against Human, ultimately crushing the rebellion. Riggnarok was the sole survivor; he was the only one who could resist the sorrow.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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With another revolution at hand, Emperor Doviculus used his army to peel back the Sea's fingers, which lured Ophelia to the Sea. Others followed suit, and soon a new faction of Tear Drinkers formed to oppose Ironheade: the Drowning Doom.