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The Ormagöden statue at the Temple of Ormagöden.
“It's a place of ancient power, but no one knows its true purpose.” — Ophelia

The Temple of Ormagöden is the very first location visited in Brütal Legend, seen during the mission "Welcome to the Age of Metal".


A bird's eye view of the temple, showing the area where the Separator is found.

This ancient temple is dedicated to the worship of Ormagöden the Eternal Fire Beast, Cremator of the Sky, and Destroyer of the Ancient World. The temple is built around a massive corpse pile off the coast of the mainland. This location cannot be visited outside the first mission, as the bridge leading to it is destroyed.


“Ok, I haven't mentioned it yet but this place is nuts.” — Eddie Riggs

In "Welcome to the Age of Metal", Eddie Riggs awakens here after being transported back in time by Ormagöden. Upon awakening he is faced with a group of Druids around a battleaxe, who proceed to attack him. In order to defend himself Eddie takes the axe and his guitar and promptly slaughters all of the demons in the temple. Using Earthshaker, he brings the walls crashing down and escapes on the back of an Overblesser's altar. After leaving the corpse pile and entering a new area of the temple he happens upon Ophelia, who had come in search of the axe. Using the Relic Raiser solo, he raises the parts for and builds the Deuce, a custom built Hot Rod, which the two then use to escape the approaching demon army. The path they flee down opens up into the feeding area, wherein the two of them are caged in with a Lamprey. Thanks to the earthshaker power chord they manage to escape the Feeding Area, killing the Lamprey and destroying the bridge in the process. With the bridge destroyed, the Temple of Ormagöden is inaccessible outside of the first mission.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Temple of Ormagöden as shown by an Artifact of Legend.
According to the Abomination Overdrive Legend, Succoria came here to be sent forward in time to learn the secrets of the Titans. She left behind The Separator, but took with her a token of Ormagöden and a small group of slaves. Amongst those slaves was Riggnarok, who secretly planned to kill the Demon Witch.


  • The Temple of Ormagöden and the corpse pile it is built on can be seen on the Coiled Remains multiplayer map southeast of the main playing area (according to load screen orientation).
    • It is out of bounds, and flying out to it will cause the player to be killed.
  • In reality, a structure of that size and composition would be impossible due to the fact that actual bone is very fragile, and become even more brittle with age, meaning the corpse pile could not realistically hold the weight of the temple.