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The Amplified Cliffs
The Amplified Cliffs Map
Map Type DLC (Hammer of Infinite Fate)
Fan Geysers 6
Starting Merch Booths 1

The Amplified Cliffs is a multiplayer map in the Brütal Legend add-on, Hammer of Infinite Fate.


The echoing shriek of the Screaming Wall cuts through the air of this volcanic land, drowning out the death cries of those who fall in battle. The decaying skeleton of a long-dead beast and piercing fingers of lava frame his battlefield. Victory is hard won on this sharp land, for each army controls a protected source of vital Fan energy.


This map contains seven Fan Geysers, five of which are neutral. Each Faction's Megastage starts with one Merch Booth.

The map is divided by two rock formations, making a narrow pass through the middle, at the heart of which lies a Fan Leech. Behind each stage is an path in the shape of a half-circle accessible by units at each end. Save for the narrow rock formations, there is little cover between the pass and the stages, with only an empty field in-between.



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