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The Baron
Leader of the Fire Barons
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Ironheade
Eye Color Unknown
Skin Tone Light
Weapons Molotov
Personal Vehicle Fire Baron Chopper
“BURN the other guys!” — The Baron

The Baron is the leader of a pyromaniac biker group known as the Fire Barons. They were known to live in the area surrounding Death's Clutch, but left when General Lionwhyte was placed in power by the Tainted Coil.


The Baron is first encountered during the mission "Doom's Dawn", when he suddenly arrives to save Ironheade from the attacking Drowning Doom. He explains that his gang of outlaws have had to continue moving North because of those "gloomy mothers". They ally themselves with Eddie Riggs and Ironheade out of respect for killing General Lionwhyte.

During the mission "A Number Of The Beasts", Eddie formulates a plan to trap and recruit the Metal Beasts. Eddie rides with The Baron and lures the beasts into a spotlight so Lita Halford can trap them. They are subsequently captured by the Zaulia who imprison the three of them atop the Temple of the Zaulia. Rima sets fire to the cage, slowly threatening to burn them alive. Before the flames reach them however, Eddie plays the Relic Raiser guitar solo, saving them.


Double Team[]

Eddie jumps on the back of the Baron's chopper, and gives the player control. Eddie can pour a molotov behind them as they drive, leaving a trail of small flames. If the trail is made into a closed loop, the flames will become much stronger, and the loop will shrink, burning enemies within and setting them on fire for major damage.


  • The Baron is modelled after and voiced by Judas Priest's Rob Halford, who also voices General Lionwhyte.
  • There is an effigy of the Baron available in the Motor Forge.
  • After the mission "Racing the Reaper", the Baron jokingly tells Eddie Riggs that he once "shacked up with Rima", the queen of the Zaulia, before admitting that he was kidding, adding that she "probably lives in a pile of leaves or something."
  • When the player hires a Fire Baron unit whilst no others on the field he will lead the first trio created.
  • After the campaign's story mode is beaten, The Baron can be found just north of the mountain of eyes (with the Wraith Tree on top) in the Sea of Black Tears. If Eddie talks to him, The Baron will lament that he is bored and wants to continue on fighting. Eddie answers by telling him that the battles are over, much to The Baron's disappointment.


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