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The Bleeding Coast
The Bleeding Coast Map
Map Type Original
Fan Geysers 5
Starting Merch Booths 2

The Bleeding Coast is a multiplayer map in Brütal Legend.


This rugged coast line was cleaved by the thunderous footfalls of the Titans themselves. Remnants of enormous hot rods can be found partially submerged in the ocean in rusted slumber. Over the ages, this coast has housed many fledging human civilizations, only to be torn apart by demonic raiding parties. The crippled remains of their fortresses serve as little more than partial cover for an advancing army.


This map contains five Fan Geysers, only one of which is neutral. Each faction's Megastage starts with two Merch Booths.

The map is U-shaped, with a large mountain range dividing each stage. The one neutral Fan Geyser rests on a small peninsula at the southernmost point in the map. There is a shortcut located just north of the neutral geyser. This path allows units to cut through and reach the enemy stage more quickly. Units and avatars can also move around in the lower coastline, albeit there is nothing noteworthy there.


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