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The Hunter
Animal Hunter
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Color Red
Skin Tone White
Voiced By Brian Posehn
“I'd get moving if i were you.” — The Hunter

The Hunter is a character who issues the player Overslaughter hunting side missions. He constantly brags about his records for killing the various creatures in the world, which Eddie can then beat for Fire Tributes.


The first time Eddie completes an Overslaughter mission, he learns the Call of the Wild Guitar Solo, and every time he completes another level of the hunting missions, it upgrades the solo to summon the creatures previously killed. After beating all of his records, the Hunter gives Eddie the Steel-Quilled Axe.

He first sets up camp near Bladehenge, later moving to the Ironheade settlement in Death's Clutch. He will later move back to his original campsite as the player progresses through the hunting side missions.

Once Eddie beats the final challenge, the Hunter says that he'll be moving on to find a land with bigger, more ferocious game and fewer copycat hunters.


  • The Hunter is voiced by and modelled after comedian and heavy metal fan, Brian Posehn. It has also been said that his obsession with hunting was taken from musician Ted Nugent.
  • After accepting a challenge to beat one of The Hunter's records, if The Player leaves the spot where he is sitting by driving away in The Druid Plow, The Hunter will mutter an insult to Eddie.
  • Despite being them being feral residents of The Brütal Land, The Hunter never challenges Eddie to hunt Metal Beasts. This was likely an intentional decision by the developers though. As it would be redundant having to use The Call of the Wild Solo to summon a creature that's already a unit available to Ironheade in Stage Battles.


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