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The Narrator
Gender Male
Race First One
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
Skin Tone Pink
Voiced By Corey Burton
“The mask was forged from the steel flesh of Ormagöden himself. It was meant for a god, not for you. Not for... a roadie.” — The Narrator

The Narrator is the character who narrates Artifacts of Legend and the multiplayer tutorial. He is seen in the announcement trailer for Brütal Legend.


Though he is never seen in the final game, his appearance is the same as the Victim, before his voiced was scrapped for David Cross' higher pitched voice. Like the Victim, he has no eyes, and his only distinct feature is his large mouth, which makes up his entire head. In the trailer, he comments on how the Belt Buckle, made from the steel flesh of the Fire Beast Himself, and was meant for a god, not a roadie, before Eddie Riggs snaps his neck and throws him into the distance.


  • His humongous tooted mouth and his body, which seems to be made out of plasticine, are reminescent of MTV's claymation Bumpers in early '90. 
  • The Narrator seems to be a First One due to his appearance but also his vast knowledge on their history. This could lead that he managed to survived, being possible the last remaining First One.