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Eddie unearths an axe.
“I've never touched an axe before....” — Eddie Riggs

The Separator, a double-sided axe, is Eddie's melee weapon in Brütal Legend.


The Separator has a variety of combos and special attacks that can be used in conjunction with Clementine, Eddie's guitar.


“Touch not this awesome axe or suffer the wrath of the Tainted Coil!” — Tutorial

Eddie's battleaxe is found in the Temple of Ormagöden, during the mission "Welcome to the Age of Metal". It is first seen being worshipped by Druids, who attack him. Upon being attacked, Eddie pulls the axe out of the ground, and proceeds to slaughter the aggressors. During his escape from the temple, he clashes blades with Ophelia, who tells Eddie that she has come for the axe as well. He explains that "it was just sitting there", and that using it was simply self-defence.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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From that point onward, it remains on Eddie's person for most of the game, only ever taking it off to make out with Ophelia under the Iron Cross.

Unbeknownst to Eddie Riggs, The Separator once belonged to Succoria, former Empress of the Tainted Coil. Doviculus informs him of this during the mission Abomination Overdrive, saying "You're wielding her axe!"

Axe Treatments[]

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Eddie can purchase different Axe Treatments in the Motor Forge, which are used to augment The Separator's power, with different effects.


  • The Separator features "Hot Rod"-style flames on the flat surfaces of the head.
  • The Separators' silhouette is seen spinning clockwise on all of the loading screens.
  • The Separators' default skin is replaced with the Blade of Ormagöden if the player has the "Tears of the Hextadon" DLC installed, which is included with the PC version.