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The Unhealing Wound
Wound Unhealed
Location Western Continent
Previous Doom's Dawn
Next Deliver the Metal
Start Death's Clutch
End Bladehenge
“I can fix this, but it's gonna take about five thousand cubic buttloads of scaffolding to do it.” — Eddie Riggs

"The Unhealing Wound" is the fifteenth story mission in Brütal Legend.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After defeating the Drowning Doom at Death's Clutch, Ironheade is finally back on the road after a three month hiatus. In order to stop Drowned Ophelia, Ironheade must mobilize to the Sea of Black Tears and stop them once and for all. Before starting the tour again, Eddie Riggs decides to scout ahead for some solo recon.


The Devil Horns where the player must play Relic Raiser.
“By the blood of Ormagöden! ” — Lita Halford

This mission is fairly short, and only requires the player to head to the bridge leading to the Jungle region, and play the Relic Raiser guitar solo. Once this is done, Drowned Ophelia will meet Eddie at the middle of the bridge, driving her new Hearse. After explaining how she came to form the Drowning Doom, she uses her new guitar to destroy the bridge. Mangus seems relieved that they can no longer drive to their deaths at the Sea of Black Tears, but Eddie assures him all that they need to fix the bridge is in Bladehenge. Lita Halford jumps into the Deuce with Eddie for a ride back home, only to find that the Tainted Coil have taken over the land.



  • Betrayal -- Lita Ford