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Support vehicle
Hit Points 18 (30 upgraded)
Double Team Stun Note/Healing Boost (AOE stun + healing rate increase)
Support Effects Heals damaged infantry
Fan Cost 90 (create), 150 (upgrade)
Load 3 (1 unit, 3 load each)
“Man, what is it with bassists?” — Eddie Riggs

The Thunderhog is an Ironheade support vehicle unit that heals friendly infantry.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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When Ophelia is mortally wounded attempting to wrangle Razorfire Boars, Lars Halford decides to take her to the Kill Master, leader of a band of bassist healers who live at the summit of the Thunderhorn. However Eddie, Lars, Lita Halford and a squad of newly-recruited Headbangers find the path up the mountain blocked, and are forced to fight through a company of General Lionwhyte's minions and Tainted Coil demons to reach the summit.

The Kill Master is reluctant to help at first, but relents when he hears that the group is opposing Lionwhyte. His heaviest bass strings are unable to heal Ophelia though, and he informs them that only strings spun by the Metal Queen have any chance of saving Ophelia's life.

After Eddie retrieves the strings from the Metal Queen's Lair, the Kill Master is able to heal Ophelia and consents to joining Ironheade's fledgling army if it "pisses Lionwhyte off." Eddie then meets them back at Bladehenge, where the Kill Master has modified Eddie's trike with amps to produce the Thunderhog.


“Led by the Kill Master, the reclusive Thunderhog riders are less focused on doing damage than they are on healing it.” — Tour Book

The Tour Book entry for the Thunderhog.

Support vehicle, upgradeable. Soothing bass jams heal nearby infantry. Effect does not stack with additional Thunderhogs.

Thunderhogs have no offensive capabilities unless double teamed with, and are not always as useful as they should be, as sometimes they do not try to get close enough to units to heal them. However, when upgraded, they become better at supporting the player's more expensive and fragile units. They cannot heal vehicles.

Double Team[]

The Thunderhog's double team, as seen in multiplayer.

Drivable vehicle. Eddie can take the bass guitar and produce a massive sonic blast, temporarily stunning nearby infantry and vehicles. Healing is also boosted while double teamed. Thunderhogs can also use a nitro boost similar to the Deuce.


  • The Thunderhogs are voiced by Josh Robert Thompson, Steve Blum, Chris Edgerly, and Lemmy Kilmister as the Kill Master.
  • If at any time during a Stage Battle there are no Thunderhogs on the field, the next Thunderhog built will be driven by the Kill Master.
  • Some Thunderhogs encountered in free roam will be carrying strings, dry ice, or Razorfire Boar carcasses in the back space, making them unavailable for double teaming.
  • The Kill Master (and presumably the rest of the Thunderhog Riders) have sworn an oath never to do harm. Given their roles as healers, this is likely a reference to the Hippocratic Oath.
  • Thunderhogs play the beginning of Motörhead's "Marching Off To War" as a sound effect when they are healing.
  • In certain areas of the map, a Headbanger, Thunderhog rider, or Razorfire Girl can be seen loading supplies from a pile into the back of a Thunderhog. 
  • Since guitars are shown to have destructive power (the Relic Raiser solo not withstanding) and bass guitars are shown to have repairing powers, it is possible that the thickness of the strings used on the instruments determine what sort of powers the instruments have; thicker, lower-sounding strings having repairing powers, while thinner, higher-sounding strings have destructive power.
  • The Thunderhog's speakers will spark to indicate its Double Team cool down.
  • After beating the campaign a few thunderhogs and Kill Master can be found back at the kill masters place ontop of Thunderhorn you can drink beer with them.