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A bird's eye view of the mountain.
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Region Bladehenge
Inhabitants Kill Master, Thunderhogs
Location map
Thunderhorn Map

The Thunderhorn is a location featured in Brütal Legend. It is home to the Kill Master and his band of Thunderhogs.


The mountain dominates the landscape, lying at the core of the region. The road to the top spirals around the sides as it ascends. At its peak resides the Kill Master and his bass-playing mystics. The area surrounding the mountain is not much different than the area around Bladehenge. The mountain, however, is also populated by Metal Spiders that obey the Kill Master's every whim and even provide him with the strings for his healing instruments.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Thunderhorn plays a major role in the mission "Kill Master's Mercy", in which Eddie Riggs, along with Lars and Lita Halford carry Ophelia to the top in the hopes of healing her. They are aided by Headbangers, who help to fight against the Hairbanger and Punishing Party resistance. Further hindering their journey are Raptor Elk stampedes, best avoided by Double Teaming. Though reluctant at first, Kill Master agrees to help Ophelia after hearing they are fighting Lionwhyte.


The top of the Thunderhorn, where the Kill Master and his bass-playing mystics reside.
  • Kill Master and the other Thunderhogs can be found here after the campaign is completed, and the player can join them in enjoying a beer if prompted.
  • Despite being loyal to the Kill Master, metal spiders will still attack the player after the thunderhogs join Ironheade.
  • In a eerie example of asset reuse, Eddie's own arms can be seen hanging from the metal webbing that acts as clotheslines that line the road leading up the mountain.


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