Brutal Legend Wiki
Tick Chopper
Short-range anti-personnel vehicle
Hit Points ???
Attack Damage ???
Counter Unit To Melee infantry
Fan Cost NA
Load (4 units, 1 load each, 4 unit limit)
Special Traits Summoned via Summon Tick Choppers Solo, limited lifespan
“More biker... monkey.. devils.” — Mangus

The Tick Chopper is a Tainted Coil short-range vehicle that specializes in destroying infantry.


“Only summonable by guitar solo, Lord Doviculus' unruly Tick Choppers are impractical under most battle conditions. However, on occasion, their unique demeanor and deadly blood-draining tick attack is a perfect fit for a specific tactical situation” — Tour Book

In single player, Tick Choppers will try to destroy the Tour Bus during escort missions. They are first encountered during the mission "Tour of Destruction" and again in "Deliver the Metal".


“Let the ticks fall where they may!” — Doviculus

Fast vehicle, melee infantry-killers. Only summonable via the Summon Tick Choppers Guitar Solo. Available at Stage Upgrade number 2.

These rat-like demons are similar to Ironheade's Fire Barons. They ride around quickly, tossing Metal Ticks at enemies, which deal damage over time, much like the Fire Barons' molotovs.

When the Tick Choppers are summoned, they remain at the stage awaiting orders and do not automatically proceed to the rally flag.


  • The Tick Chopper's design is a nod to artist "Big Daddy" Roth who is most famous for his character Rat Fink; an anthropomorphic mouse that lets his tongue flap in the wind while he drives overpowered customized cars that by normal laws of physics should not nearly work that well.
  • A "Chopper" is a style of motorcycle that is stretched and stylized to suit the individual riders tastes.