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The highways evidently weren't built to last.
“Those guys from yore really understood the value of craftsmanship.” — Eddie Riggs

The Titan Highway is the large expanse of road that streches across the Brütal Land. It was built eons ago by the mighty Titans, before they ascended to become Metal Gods.


The road stretches across every region, from coast to coast. It stops abruptly at the western edge of the Western Continent, where it falls into the sea. From there, it continues to the desert, and stops at Battersmith.

Beyond the Pleasure Tower, there lies a bridge that connects Death's Clutch to the Jungle. The road picks up again in the Black Tear Region on the western edge of the Eastern Continent, at the base of a mountain range.

From the edges of the Swamp it moves southward, eventually ending at a small graveyard and a giant spiraling tree that wraps around the dilapated structure.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The player drives down part of the Titan Highway in the Mission "Welcome to the Age of Metal". However, this part of the road is inaccesible afterward from the bridge collapsing during the mission.

A portion of the highway is rebuilt by Mangus and Eddie during the mission "Deliver the Metal" in order to cross a broken bridge and continue on to the Sea of Black Tears.