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The Titans, as seen in an Artefact of Legend.
“For instance, did you know that this world was once ruled by an ancient race of Titans? Now they were something.” — Guardian of Metal

The Titans were an ancient race of giant beings born from the sea of Ormagöden's blood. They were blessed with the strength, size, and power of Ormagöden, but also the grace and beauty of the angelic Aetulia.

At the dawn of recorded history, the Titans used the scattered parts of Ormagöden to build their Civilization; constructing cars, instruments for music and even weapons said to be superior to even the most powerful of modern day arms. It was the Titans who first discovered the power of Metal, and much of their artifacts are the bedrock of modern day technology and society, with many viewing them as akin to Gods, and not without good reason.

At the height of their power, the Titans collectively decided to transcend the mortal world, ascending into the heavens to become all-powerful Metal Gods. Before this, however, they scattered their knowledge across the world to ensure that those who followed them would be able to walk the same path of glory and advancement. As the last of their instructions were inscribed upon stone tablets, the remaining Titans rose from the Earth, leaving their civilization behind.

A small population of Titans, marginally less powerful than their fellows, remained behind to continue their work in the mortal world. They can be seen working diligently deep within the Motor Forge, laboring to create glorious new weapons of rock.


The Titans, as seen in-game in the "Crucible of the Titans" map.

With the Hammer of Infinite Fate add-on, they can also be seen in the Crucible of the Titans multiplayer map as an environmental hazard not unlike the Lamprey. At different intervals, the Titans will bring their hammer down to the anvil-bridges that connect various points on the map. Unlike the Lamprey in the Feeding Area however, these attacks will instantly destroy anything that gets hit. Players should be careful, as this can destroy an entire army.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Long ago, after Ormagöden was destroyed by the First Ones, the Titans rose from the oceans of his primordial blood as the first of the Mortal beings to exist. They inherited the strength and size of the Fire Beast, and the purity and beauty of gentle Aetulia. Soon after their own birth came that of the Demons; beings wrought in the image of the First Ones, and possessed of all their terrible cruelty. The Titans would take pity upon these small creatures, and would save them from utter annihilation ant the hands of hateful rivals. Soon enough, the Titans came to view them as pets.

After advancing for over a millennia, the Titans became gigantic, all knowing entities of mental and physical perfection. They could no longer be constrained by the mortal plane, and so they ascended to the heavens to become Metal Gods.

They left instructions behind, however; teaching the spiders how to weave guitar strings for webs, trees how to grow exhaust pipes for branches, and hieroglyphics inscribed in stone tablets on how to build the wonderful technology that allowed the Titans to rule the world. However, neither the Humans nor the Demons who made them could decipher these instructions, ensuring that the secrets of the Titans would remain secrets.

Eddie Riggs, due to his experience as a roadie, was able to understand the instructions of the Titans, and would thus bring the secrets of the Titans to the Age of Metal. This resulted in him bringing the parts of the Deuce to the surface, which he put together to allow him and Ophelia to escape the Temple of Ormagöden. Some of the Titans stayed behind in the Motor Forge to build items for others to find. These giants can be seen in the background, working tirelessly in the hot, boiling lava to create new weapons of Metal.